June 13, 2019

by admin

Do you know how many languages are spoken around the world? More than 7000!

And you know how many? One? Maybe two?

You see how much there is to learn out there, right? For obvious reasons, you cannot learn all the languages exist, but it is always exciting to know something that those around you do not. Being exclusive has a proud ring to it.


Learning a second language helps you in more ways than you would realise. Here is a list of reasons why you should actually consider enrolling in a foreign language course.

1. Employment Benefits

Employers love it when a CV has a foreign language mentioned on it. Your professional value increases in the market when you are a bilingual (multilingual worker). You become an asset to your company for their overseas business.

Today, when a new start-up is launched into the world market, new horizons of opportunities have opened up for people speaking more than just one language. You would realise your worth once you venture out to get a job with the mentions of a second language on your CV.

2. Travelling Ease

It is very common for travellers to face language problems when they visit a city not having a different primary language as theirs. They have to either spend money on a translator or have to manage through gestures for discovering the place. The countrymen also tend to be more open to people speaking their language.

A person knowing multiple languages faces lesser problems and is free to explore more places where native language is different. For instance, you would be able to roam around more streets and avoid getting fooled by the locals if you know Mandarin while visiting China.

3. Skill Development

Many research studies have shown that a bilingual person is smarter than a monolingual one. Your attention span and memory improves exponentially when you have a command in more languages. This happens because your brain is subjected to rigorous work to retain entirely new information and setting in new impulses.

The vocabulary and grammar rules of a new language take time to set in and put your brain to forced exercise. Your mind learns to switch between the two languages in sometime and your multitasking abilities reach a new high. And all this happens irrespective of the age of a person.

4. Confidence Boost

As a result of all the advantages, your confidence is boosted manifold. When you are desired and appreciated, it automatically makes your self confidence rise up. Since you find yourself being smarter than before, your self esteem also increases.

The search for alternate words in the two languages enhances your creativity. Your thinking horizons diverge and you are able to find quick and multiple solutions to a given problem.


Not everything comes for free. You have to pay for every upgrade in your life. Getting a certification in a foreign language is not a cheap affair either. And it is beyond doubt that you would disturb your set budget to learn something new.

This is why, the best solution for you is to take 12 month payday loans.  These are online loans offered by direct lenders in the UK. Their main characteristic is the repayment method. Every month, a part of your pay cheque acts as an instalment for the loan and this happens for a 12 month period. The amount is deducted from your bank account on a specific day each month, so you do not have to worry about paying it yourself.


And after you decide that you have to learn a new language, the next step is to choose which language you should opt for. The 10 best languages that will get you the maximum benefits in the UK are:

  1. German
  2. Arabic
  3. French
  4. Dutch
  5. Spanish
  6. Japanese
  7. Russian
  8. Italian
  9. Mandarin
  10. Portuguese


You have numerous opportunities to move forward in life. Learning a new language is one of the golden ones. You know the advantages and the ways to reach there. Many websites, centres and universities provide the option for taking classes for foreign languages. You just have to decide and act upon it. Rest everything is ready and up for grabs!

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