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June 7, 2019

by admin

Unemployment has many sides to show as it acts weird. Sometimes it is unable to dominate and sometimes it wins above all the factors.


‘Unemployment in Doncaster higher than the average for England’ –

‘Female unemployment rate lowest since 1971’ –

‘Young man applies for 400 jobs in two years – and is still unemployed’ –

‘Unemployed Scots in £1m digital skills boost to increase job opportunities’ –

Did you see that? Different places, different people in fact different genders experience varied forms of employment challenges.

If due to any reason, you are jobless then instead of staying in stress, try to work on the effective solutions. The news headlines above give a certain message that you are not the only one to face the flicker nature of employment situations. But forget not that solutions are available, things can be difficult as delay in bill payments are already in a mood to create a big mess in the coming days. Worst fear is of spoiled finances and bad credit score performance.

Take a look at the available funds

Savings, salary from the last employer, help from friends and family, look at the every single source of money. In the coming days (especially if you don’t get the job soon) every penny is sure to play the lead role. With a record of the bunch of amount available at the time, planning for the struggle with the coming consequences in finances becomes easy.

Try The Art of Minimalism

The days of regular income are gone, however not permanently, but you cannot be careless. Whether it is about money or about the things that come in use in daily life, a calculative consumption is required. For instance – in grocery, stop using and buying things lavishly. If you are going to purchase something, stay EXTREMELY rational. Make best use of everything to its maximum capacity. Avoid shopping as much as possible. If necessary, make a precise list and try to buy on days that offer bumper discount. Some stores give special discounts on weekends, go grab it.

Most expected suggestion – Start doing something to earn 

Freelancing, part-time job, do anything that suits you best and can bring money with less investment of efforts. For sure, it is advisable to do full-time jobs but only if that relates to your actual field of career. Otherwise, do the part-time or freelancing job and use the rest of the time to give interviews. This is something that you need to do completely according to your own convenience. Whatever is manageable should be done. 

Borrow funds 

This is the choice, which can be made when no other way seems possible. As you know, the doorstep loans are now available online, why not find a good deal for yourself? Several lenders provide loans for unemployed with no obligation of collateral and guarantor.

However, stay aware, there are some fake names. They just try to grab the hard-earned money of the applicants through different excuses, for instance – upfront fee, hidden fee, extra charges. They usually have over-popularised advertisements, exaggerated rate quotes. In short, they are noticeable. Being trapped by unethical lenders can be hugely destructive.

It is always better to go for direct lenders and not brokers as it saves a lot of money on brokerage. Besides , it saves time and give more liberty. Why to depend on others if you can do things on your own? Just search for the loan online, pick a lender, apply and get funds in your bank account. The repayments too go through the auto debit. The loan procedures are paperless and save a lot of time.

How about a yard sale? 

Surely, you have a big lot of clutter in your storeroom that is no more in use. An old mixer grinder, a table that still looks new but a new one has replaced it. Oh! Look at that big box which has beautiful clothes for babies, they are resting there since long as your daughter or son goes to college now. Or may be there are some dresses you purchased (for yourself) two years back and now does not fit due to your weight gain.

Whatever stuff is there, why not just bring it out and sell it off? This can bring a good amount of money. Yard sale is always a good option and it is in trend. People want to save money through buying things on lower prices and you want to earn money. Both should come on a common platform.

Did you help anyone financially? It is time to take it back

If you helped any friend or family member and they have not returned your money yet, then ask for it now. Do not hesitate, just stay polite in your concern and ask for a due return of your help. Humans are social by nature and mutual dependence is the obvious situation for them. Money matters are complicated, do not keep any transactions pending as such things create stress later. Besides, it is always better to talk clearly about your things. If anyone has taken help, its due return on due time is necessary.

During unemployment, it is important to explore every nook and cranny of possibility. Either you borrow funds or rely on other sources to survive. By the way, if convenience in loans is your concern then the doorstep loans 4 unemployed are also available. You can get funds at your home.

Stay calm, patient and make wise decisions. For sure, job loss is not a permanent loss and things are certain to come back to normality SOON.

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