April 4, 2019

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No one in the world can survive without suffering from stress in life”. The factors are numerous, from a workplace to home, from internal to external results or events that are anticipated shortly. Some people are prone to stress and suffer from the effects of stress than others. [Personality] “Traits are also contributor towards risk of stress including impatience, aggression, pessimism, and competitiveness”. Different people respond to situations. Differently, some can handle easily while some people need to follow Stress management program and techniques.

At times in life, you find that there is nothing you can do with your stress level. Your career or responsibilities will not stop, and they would be more demanding always. Managing stress is all about how you change the perspective of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, and environment. The goal of life is peace of mind; it can be attained by balancing life with work, relationships, relaxation, fun and flexibility of acting under pressure and meet challenges. “Stress management techniques or stress Bustercan help you maintain emotional equilibrium with physical health. Effective Stress management would work wonders for you and lead for a happier, healthier and productive life ahead.

We are bestowing some Stress Buster that would help you reduce the burden and manage them efficiently.

Identify the resources that contribute to stress in your life.

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Stress management primary key is to identify the sources of stress in life. Although, it is not as simple as it sounds. You need to determine the real causes of stress that can be your habits, attitude, and excuses. It is your role to accept the responsibility for creating or maintaining things in a better way, or stress level would only rise.

Implement 4 A’s of stress management

Stress is an automatic response from our nervous system; there is a time when some stressors arise – your commute to work, meetings with employer, family gathering or responsibilities. When you are aware of predictable stressors, you can alter the situation or change the way you react. To avoid a further problem, it is essential to choose 4 A’s – avoid, modify, adapt or accept.

  • You should understand your limitations and aware of an infallible recipe for stress. Try to differentiate between ‘should’ and ‘musts.’
  • Avoid being in contact with people who causes you stress in life, reduce spending time with them or end the relationship.
  • There may be anything unpleasant chore that causes you to stress whether it be traffic, marketing or evening news, deduct it from your life.
  • Analyze your responsibilities, daily tasks as per it schedule your day. Don’t overstress yourself by including some unnecessary activities in your life.
  • Express your feeling and communicate resentment instead would build stress.
  • Be flexible in terms of compromising and changing your behavior for better.
  • We live in an imperfect world, and people often make a mistake so lessen the burden of anger and resentments.
  • Get Moving

Physical activities are tremendous stress Busters. When you exercise, your body will release endorphins that would contribute towards a better mood. When you regularly exercise 30 minutes or more, you build up your fitness level gradually.

  • Play your favorite music and dance on the beat.
  • Walk or cycle to a nearby grocery store.
  • Use stairs at home or work.
  • Meet an exercise partner so that you both work together and encourage each other.
  • Connect with others

A quality time spent with your friend or other human being makes you feel safe and relieve you from stress. Talk with people you help you in reducing stress, those who are good listeners. Choose a loyal friend or relative that would boost you up when you were looking weak, and you can open up in front of them.

  • Time for Fun and relaxation

Take out time for yourself, don’t get too indulge in the hustle of bustle of life that you forget your inner “me.” Nurturing yourself and your family is a necessity, not a luxury. When you can make up time for yourself fun and relaxation you would be reducing life stressor factors. Maintain a good sense of humor, practice relaxation, do something that you enjoy every day and don’t allow obligations to encroach.

  • Maintain equilibrium with a healthy lifestyle.

Well-nourished bodies can cope up with stress instead. Initiate your day with positive thoughts and balanced, nutritious meals throughout the day. There are high caffeine and sugar that crash with moods and energy reduce it. Although many people consider alcohol or drugs as a self-medicating and easy escape from tensions and stress, the relief is temporary, and you may face adverse consequences with it. Adequate sleep vitalizes your mind and body.

  • Learn to relieve Stress within a few moments.

The fastest way and effective way to reduce stress are practicing yoga and take deep breathe using your senses for a peaceful movement. Not everyone retaliates to sensory experience in the same way; you need to experiment and discover yourself with a unique sensory experience that works best for you.

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