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June 25, 2019

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From its foundation in 1943, the RBL Bank Limited formerly known as The Ratnakar Bank Limited is one of the oldest and fast-growing private sector bank across the country. The RBL Bank has an expanding presence as the bank offers its specialized services from Branch and Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate, and Institutional Banking, Development Banking to Financial Inclusion and Retail assets. Listed on both NSE and BSE this schedule commercial bank has 324 branches and 348 ATM’s which provides services to 65 lakhs customers through a network of 21 Indian states and union territories.

* RBL Bank Credit Card

A credit card has become a handy tool for people, which allows them to borrow money from a bank to buy things, balance transfers, or cash advances. However, when using a credit card, you need to pay at least the specific interest and rates every month by the due date on the top of what you have borrowed from the bank. Under the RBL credit card, the bank offers Nine different types of RBL card. Let’s look at the Top 5 Best RBL Bank Credit Card.

1. RBL Platinum Maxima Card:

RBL Bank Platinum MaximaCredit-Card

For those who travel frequently, watch a lot of movies, wants to avail great discounts on dining, shopping, etc. then Platinum Maxima RBL Bank credit card is best.

* Why it’s best

  • One movie ticket free on BookMyShow up to Rs 200.
  • Two free visits on domestic airport lounges under three months in India.
  • 8000 RBL Card points.
  • 5x reward points on international spends, dining, and entertainment.

2. RBL Platinum Delight Card:

RBL Platinum Delight Card

Packed with amazing features and the high number of benefits, this Platinum Delight RBI Bank Credit Card is a superstar that offers you loads for every swipe you make.

* Why it’s best

  • 2X rewards points on the weekend spend or up to Rs 100 pay.
  • For the second year annual fee gets waived off if purchases are made for Rs 1.5 lakh in the first year.
  • 4000 RBL Card Points.
  • EMV chip card with PIN authorization as additional security.

3. RBL Platinum Cricket Card:

RBL Platinum Cricket Card

For the fans of Delhi Daredevils, this Platinum Cricket RBL Credit Card is a great deal. The Card offers unique privileges like reservation of stadium seats, and fan park invites to make the experience of cricket more fun and rewarding.

* Why it’s best:

  • Get an invitation to meet Delhi Daredevils Superstars, fan nights, sports merchandise and much more.
  • 4000 RBL Card Points.
  • The second-year annual fee gets waived off if previous year spends are 1.5 lakhs or more.
  • Get 24*7 Global Cash access at any MasterCard/ Maestro


4. RBL Titanium Delight Card:

RBL Titanium Delight Card

For those who like to watch movies and shop around then Titanium Delight RBL Bank Credit Card is a good option. With great Wednesday benefits, it also offers exclusive privileges to cardholders on fuel, entertainment, etc.

* Why it’s best:

  • The annual fee gets waived off on spending of more than Rs 1 lakh.
  • 2000 RBL card points.
  • Two free movie tickets and 1% fuel surcharge waiver.

5. RBL Bank Classic Reward Card:

classic reward card

This RBL Bank Credit Card offers a plethora of rewards for cardholders and their families irrespective of an expense category. Comprises of two leading products – Smart Platinum Card and Smart Titanium Card, the RBL card gives the power to earn double points on shopping, traveling, hotel stays, etc.

* Why it’s best:

  • Four rewards points on spending Rs. One hundred in the country and eight reward points on spending Rs. 100 internationally.
  • EMV chip-enabled and time-bound One Time Password for additional security.
  • Zero Fraud liability in case of theft or loss of credit card.

* RBL Bank Credit Card Payment:

You can pay your RBL Bank Credit Card payments via Online card Payment commonly known as Quick Bill Pay or in offline mode. Following are the different methods which you can follow:

1. RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through NEFT:

NEFT referred to as National Electronic Funds Transfer is a great tool to make your RBL Bank Credit Card Payment online using your account with any other bank account.

  • Log in to your net banking portal and select the NEFT as a payment option.
  • Enter the following Payee details to register RBL Bank as a beneficiary.
  • Payee name: Your name as it appears on RBl Bank Credit Card.
  • Payee Account Number: Sixteen Digit credit card number.
  • Bank Name: RBL Bank
  • Location: NOC Goregaon Mumbai.

2. RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through Net Banking:

To make a payment towards your Card, you can use the RBL Net Banking option for your existing RBL Bank account.

3. RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through Online Payment:

Pay your credit card outstanding instantly through online payment feature and receive a confirmation for the same.

  • Visit the website from the link https://www.rblbank.com/
  • Click on the ‘Make Payment’ tab on the top right corner and click on Credit ‘card payments’
  • You can select any preferred payment option from razorpay, pay u and bill desk
  • Fill up all the details required and choose your bank’s internet banking option.
  • Enter your username and password and click on submit to make the payment.

4. RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through Debit Card:

The procedure for making credit card payment via debit card is the same as it with the online payment. The cardholder needs to choose payment via debit card instead of the bank’s internet banking option.

5. RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through RBL MyCard Mobile App:

Make payments to your RBL Bank Credit Card instantly and with ease from any bank account by using RBL MyCard Mobile App.

If you haven’t registered with the RBL MyCard Mobile App, then download on your Android or Apple mobile from the following link: https://www.rblbank.com/product/credit-cards/rbl-mycard-app

6. RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through RBL Bank Branches:

Visit any of the nearest RBL Bank Branches of your city and make a payment towards your RBL Bank Credit Card either through cash or cheque.

  • Cash Payment:
  • Visit nearby RBL Branch and pay the credit payment in person by incurring a fee of Rs 250 and GST.
  • Cheque Payment:
  • If you want to pay it via cheque, then you can deposit the check at any RBL Bank branch by drowning it in favor of RBL bank Card 16- digit card number.

7. RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through NACH:

NACH referred to as National Automated Clearing House Facility is an excellent tool for paying credit card bills automatically.

You need to link any bank’s account to your RBL card and then forgot about the hassle of making payments every month.

For this, you need to submit the form with required details by using NACH facility and submit the same to the address given on it.

Download the form from here: https://bit.ly/2RHiypr

* RBL Bank current repo rate and bank rate:

Before looking for the current repo rate and bank rate for RBL bank, let’s know what is repo rate and bank rate and the difference between the repo rate and bank rate.

* Repo rate:

  • Repo rate is the rate at which Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lends money to commercial banks in case of shortage of funds, and for that funds, the commercial banks give securities such as Treasury Bills to RBI and promise to repurchase them at a predetermined date.

* Bank Rate:

  • Under Bank rate, also, the Reserve Bank of India lends money to commercial banks in case of shortage of funds but without selling or buying any security.

* Difference between repo rate and bank rate:

  • The critical difference between the repo rate and the bank rate is that as there is no selling or buying of security under the bank rate, the bank rate is always higher than the repo rate.
  • Another critical difference between the repo rate and the bank rate is that the Repos are generally for short term period while the money is borrowed at the bank rate is for a more extended period.

* RBL Bank Current Repo rate & Bank rate:

  • The current repo rate of RBL bank is estimated to be 6.25% while the prevailing bank rate ranges from 9.40% to 10.50% on the benchmark of overnight to 3 years time period.

* RBL Bank FD Interest Rates:

Fixed Deposit (FD) is the most reliable investment avenue to earn higher interest as compared to savings account rates in the more extended period.

  • The RBL Bank FD Interest rates start from 5.00% for a tenure of 7 days to 14 days for the general citizen, while for senior citizens FD Interest rates start from 5.50% for the same period.
  • Maximum Interest on FD can be earned from RBL Bank is 8.00%  for the period of 2 – 3 years for the general citizen, while for senior citizen the maximum interest on FD is 8.50% for the same tenure.

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