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October 11, 2019

by admin

Today’s article teaches you how to earn money online as a kid from a proofreading job and how to become a proofreader at home. Being a kid, it becomes difficult in this economy to manage your savings for the study and going out with friends. So having some-sort of side income helps the kid to make their own spending money and work virtues while at it.

However, at times, it can be unfavourable for kids to find online jobs as an adult with much experience and knowledge seem to have the advantage, there are still some excellent opportunities that kids can have the upper hand. One of the unusual ones is to become a proofreader as it is available to work after school or in your free time.


Proofreading a job is related to giving the icing to the cake, meaning polishing the content and preparing it for the publication. Proofreading is the last and final step of the editing process of a document and requires looking for and correcting typographical errors in grammar, style, checking and inserting cross-references, and reading the document word for word to make sure no spelling errors exist. While working as a proofreader, the document can be related to anything that has written content such as novels, student essays, student textbooks, online articles, blog posts, user manuals, press releases, newsletters, podcast pages, resumes, and so on. So if you have an insane eye and interest in correcting grammar errors, spotting inconsistencies in sentient structure, typos, and formatting, then proofreading may be for you.


Proofreading isn’t just catching the spelling and grammatical errors. To succeed as an excellent proofreader as a kid, you need some specific skills like useful vocabulary, proper comma usage, subject-verb-object agreement, high-quality grammar skills, meet deadlines, and familiarity with Microsoft word. However, the most important is that you like reading as you are reading for a living. So if you do not like to read a lot, you should develop this proofreading skill or should consider other online jobs to work at home.


Proofreading is a great online job to be done from any remote places and on just about any device like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Here are some of the free tools that will make your work easier and assist you in proofreading online content.

Grammarly: For spotting grammar and spelling mistakes and format the sentence structure, Grammarly has been a tremendously helpful online tool. You can download Grammarly from here:

Google Docs: As many online proofreading jobs are done via google docs, it is a great tool to have as a proofreader. It allows the users to add and to edit comments to the original content and to share the documents easily online.

Dropbox:  For sharing the documents with clients who prefer to use Microsoft Word or any other document form, dropbox is another excellent tool to have. Get it from here:

PaperRater: For any aspiring or professional proofreader, PaperRater is a must-have tool. It has a lot of great tips which help to polish the document. You can get PaperRater from here:


The amount of money a proofreader makes differs by the proofreader’s availability and the workload. According to the statistics of glassdoor, a busy proofreader who can maintain several consistent clients can earn around $36,290 on an average. However, as a kid, if you are looking for opportunities in their free time can make from $25 – $45 on an hourly basis.


For becoming a proofreader, you don’t need any formal training. However, as a kid, it is undoubtedly reasonable to develop your skills before starting your professional career as a proofreader. So, if you are ready to get started, take a look at this free training course for proofreaders from proofreading anywhere – The directions provided by correcting anywhere are a significant investment to help you how to find clients and also for promoting your freelance proofreading business. The courses are founded by successful proofreader Caitlin Pyle who is sharing her expertise to help the upcoming proofreaders like you to succeed in your career.


So, if you are looking forward to freelance proofreading jobs to earn money online as a kid in the United States and throughout the globe, here is the list to take a look.

  • Proofreading Services: For kids looking for proofreading jobs throughout the United States, Proofreading Services is one of the best places to begin searching. Besides, as a kid, you can also find full-time online proofreading jobs on this platform.

At proofreading services, one needs to take 20-minute masking before any work is assigned to you. Depending on the most compelling headlines, one can earn from $16 to $45 on an hourly basis.


  • Cactus Communications: If you are a kid or just a beginner who is looking for proofreading a job as to earn money online, then you should consider applying at cactus communications. At Cactus Communications, you can start to make money online without having formal training or previous proofreading experience. One can earn $4000 a month working on academic editing and proofreading jobs for them.


  • Kirkus Media: As a kid, if you like the idea of editing books, then Kirkus Media can be a great opportunity. Besides, Kirkus media also provides other Proofreading and editing jobs as well. So keep in touch for online proofreading jobs regularly for an exciting prospect.


  • Gramlee: Gramlee can be another great option to look for a proofreading job as a kid to make money online. They feature work at home proofreading and editing jobs that are available round the clock every day. So, you can take on proofreading job at gramlee for making money online as and when required. However, one needs to proofread around 3000 words a day, so manage your time accordingly.


  • Scribe Media:  Scribe media can be one of the most profitable online money making the job as a kid, beginner, or for any experienced proofreader. Basically, they provide a full-time freelance proofreading job where you can earn around $3,000 for the project. And moreover, if you are not accepted, then you can make a finder’s fee if they hire a freelance proofreader of your recommendation. So there is something for all at Scribe media.


  • Scribbr: Scribbr is full of proofreading positions where their team hires individuals with many native languages, including English. Mainly they provide a job for proofread student papers, which involve editing dissertations, generating APA references, and detecting plagiarism in student papers. As a kid, you can easily earn money online with this platform.


  • Writer’s relief: Writer’s relief lets you proofread a variety of different projects like proofreading jobs cover books, essays, poems, novels, and short stories. So take your chance and get benefited with the proofreading job at Writer’s relief.


  • Flex Jobs: Flex Jobs is one of the best platforms to earn money online with proofreading jobs from around the United States. They give a minute look to every post on their platform to ensure no listing on the platform is a scam. One can find full-time, part-time, remote, freelance, and flexible hours work at home jobs so that you can start earning money online. However, it is a paid job board where one needs to register at a monthly membership to have access to remote jobs.


  • Polished Paper: Polished Paper lists a bunch of proofreading opportunities that are written in various style forms. To work with Polished Paper, all you need to do is creating an account and uploading your resume for any proofreading jobs. However, one needs to complete a 35-question test to get qualify.


  • Kibin: Kibin is a smaller company with on-demand proofreading service for nearly any written position like Proofreading, grammar checks, and copyediting. They, work with many students, so as a kid, it is one of the best platforms for you to make money online through proofreading jobs. They are usually looking for Proofreading applications, essays, and dissertations. For training, the platform has an excellent online library to help beginners to get experienced with Proofreading. On average, a proofreader can earn between $15 – $25 on an hourly basis.
  • Prompt: Prompt is one of the newest platforms which is focused on hiring proofreaders for college admission essays, book report, resumes, and even social media blog post. They are reliable and easy to work with and also offers access to the mobile job search throughout the United States. One can earn around $20 on an hourly basis.
  • Domainite: Domainite is another new platform for the beginner-friendly proofreading service. So as a kid, you can make money online easily while working with Domainite. One needs to fill out an application on the website and have to correct a simple writing sample, along with submitting your contact information. So, as a kid, if you want a work at home job that pays weekly, then you should consider applying at Domainite.
  • IXL Learning: IXL is one of the best platforms for students looking for help with assignments, essays, and papers. As it’s an educational platform for a variety of academic subjects, the chances of getting the job as a proofreader are more.
  • Life Tips: Life Tips is one of the fastest-growing company which is continuously looking for editor and proofreaders. At Life Tips, you can make money online by proofreading the written works from the various Life Tips authors. Moreover, what makes this online proofreading job different than others is one can even get medical benefits with the salary.
  • Upwork: Upwork is one of the huge platform that lets you get paid for various tasks, including Proofreading. As a kid, if you are just getting started for making money online through proofreading a job, then Upwork is the best to start your career as a proofreader. One only needs to create a profile and bid on proposals to correct for the fixed price.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is another freelance platform similar to Upwork. At Fiverr, you can offer to proofread any of the documents from student’s essays, novels, books to professional publications like advertising and promotional material. One of the best benefits is that it’s free to start your proofreading career. So enroll now and start making money online as a proofreader.

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