June 19, 2019

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You may love every aspect of your job: the timings, freedom, quality of work, growth prospects, work culture and colleagues. Your happiness may even be reflected in your work and attitude. Yet, it may come as a detrimental and confusing shock for you when the pink slip comes in.


‘The UK businesses do not hold back from firing employees.’

The employers seem to be quite serious regarding the work culture at offices. Even if it is just a start-up, your productivity and efficiency are the top most concern for your bosses.

Qualifications and experience can fall short when it comes to finding reasons to fire you from a job. Once you are unemployed, you go searching online for guaranteed loans for unemployed.

Some facts and figures are better explained using numbers. To give you a fair idea of the firing trends among the UK SME’s, here is a fair discussion of the reasons behind the release of UK workers in 2018.

Performance- 23%

The highest percentage of people who were fired included those whose performance was evaluated as ‘below average’ by their employers. They had either missed their targets or had been low on their productivity levels since a considerable amount of time.

Web Surfing- 21%

Surfing the web and wasting time on social media sites during the work hours is not taken lightly by the bosses. An employee who is noticed doing this is perceived to not being serious enough regarding their work. The second highest percentage of people who were relieved of their duties were addicted to the internet and all the distractions it beholds.

Socialising- 16%

Socialising has been reported by many people for the reason behind their getting fired. Distracted people are a cause of distraction for others in offices. When you move from one desk to another, talking and chatting during the work hours, you are disturbing more than just the person in conversation. You cannot expect an employer to be alright with this.

Unpunctuality- 11%

The disciplined and organised personnel hold the managerial positions. Repeatedly coming late to the office leaves a mark on you. Every mistake of yours is then taken seriously. You are already put under the radar, and are prone to let go from the job if you do not get punctual.

Absenteeism- 9%

Work ethics demand your physical presence at the work place. Even a not-so-smart person can understand which of those medical leaves were indeed due to health issues. The moment that employees started being on leaves by taking the administration for granted, it can invite their termination from their employment altogether.

Controversial Web Search- 8%

The whole network of desktops is connected to a server, and your browsing history is not incognito. If the IT person finds your interests aligned towards controversial topics and activities, you pose a threat to company altogether. Any person not abiding by the company’s policies is not accepted by the high command.

Disloyal- 6%

Isn’t it common sense to not look for other jobs while using your company’s computer? Even if it were for someone else, if your internet browsing sessions involve job hunting, any manager would take it to the heart, and fire you before you could resign or present an explanation. And that is what happened with so many of your peers too.

Failing Drug Test- 3%

Athletes are scraped off their Olympic medals for failing a drug test. Imagine what would happen if a regular employee was to fail one. Surprise drug tests happen in almost all business companies, and failing in one has directly led to termination of employments.

Sleeping- 2%

No employer tolerates procrastination and sleeping around. They pay you for work, and not for lying around the office. Sleeping during the office work hours also was one of the top reasons behind people getting fired.

Random Breaks- 2%

Employed personnel have been asked to clear their desk when they are continuously absent from it. Multiple coffee and washroom breaks paint a picture of lingering out and time getting wasted. If you are more off your work desk, than being on it during productive work hours, an employer does not see you justifying your pay.


You cannot change what has happened. All you can do is move forward. Make sure of not repeating the same mistakes and gestures at the new job.

You may find it difficult to manage your finances while looking for a new job. You can take short term loans for unemployed if situation demands.

And if you are not fired, make sure you keep this discussion in mind, and resist yourself from doing any of the above things.Read:- Tips to Easily Survive on a Single Income Source

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