September 4, 2019

by admin

Photography has long been a hobby and passion of many individuals, but it is slowly becoming a professional career choice for many as well. Many individuals avail photography as a hobby because of its stress-relieving properties. Psychology experts say that it is therapeutic and a natural self-esteem booster for people who genuinely enjoy and are passionate about photography.

However, high-end DSLR cameras are just as expensive. General price range lies somewhere between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. On top of that, cameras are highly prone to loss of theft because of its portable nature. It is therefore essential that owners avail DSLR camera insurance within a few days of purchasing it. It will protect the owners’ financial interests from circumstances that cause damage or loss to the expensive gadget.

Circumstances for which DSLR camera protection plan is necessary –

  1. Riots or strikes: Professional photographers are required to work in perilous places to cover events and news. This means that the camera is quite prone to physical damage or loss in such situations. An insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage during such situations is thus priceless.
  2. Fire coverage: Top DSLR camera insurance policies must provide financial coverage against fire-related damages. Although, such happenstances are rare, they are not impossible as well.
  3. Lens Mount damage: Your camera can suffer accidental damage while you mount or dismount your lens. Opt for insurance policies that cover the repair or replacement charges in such cases.
  4. Damage while travelling: A camera may incur accidental damages while travelling as well. Considering that you use your camera mainly when you travel, you should opt for a travel insurance policy as well.

Make sure that you choose the best travel insurance scheme that provides you with emergency assistance services. Bajaj Finserv brings you Pocket Insurance schemes. It provides you with domestic holiday cover that takes care of any emergency requirement you might encounter while travelling and also provides roadside assistance to the insured.

  • Robbery: A good camera insurance for travelmust provide coverage acts like burglary and robbery. Such perils can appear anywhere, but it is highly probable while travelling. Therefore, it is essential that you avail DSLR camera insurance policy as soon as possible.

Bajaj Finserv also offers Pocket Insurance policies such as the wallet care insurance scheme. Considering that a burglary may not be limited to just your camera, this insurance policy covers the financial implications of losing essentials such as your PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc. It also provides facilities like debit and credit card blocking and PAN card replacement.

  • Mechanical damage: Besides the external factors, there are many internal parts in a DSLR camera that are prone to damages while in use — for example, the lens mounting mechanism or the mirror mechanism. The mounting mechanism is subject to a lot of wear every time a lens is changed. The mirror mechanism inside the camera is highly sensitive. Every time you change your lens, it comes in contact with outside elements of dust and moisture. With a DSLR camera insurance in place, you can financially cover the financial losses incurred.

Cameras go through maximum wear and tear while travelling. Opting for a travel insurance scheme can also reduce the risk of uncertainties that one faces while travelling.

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