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October 4, 2019

by admin

You have probably wondered at one point how people can make money with a website and if they do, how do they actually earn it?

You have probably seen some websites with advertisements and you suppose they earn money through those ads. But is it really enough to sustain their monthly needs? Or do they just earn pennies from them?

When it comes to making money with your website, there are two ways on how to set-up your website: Directly and indirectly. What do they mean? Earning money directly means that the website is the main source of income and without it, there is no way to earn money. Earning money indirectly means that the website directs a visitor of the site to an existing service or product which they can purchase on know more about on the website. Even without such a site, they will continue to earn money through other means.

Want to Learn How One Can Really Earn Money With a Website?

This article is a guide for those who want to learn how one can really earn money with a website. First we will talk about how one can earn money with advertisements since this is the most common way of earning money.


Putting advertisements on your website is the most common way of earning money from a website. For those who are not familiar with how websites get money, they assume that advertisements are the only way to do it.

To make money with advertisements, one should set up a website first. You can create a professional website quickly using the website builder if you want to have a website and make money as soon as possible. In order to get the full benefits of earning money with a website, you have to purchase a paid website builder package and have a custom top-tier domain. Don’t worry, the website builder will guide you through these building blocks.

Once you have a website, you can now start putting up advertisements on your website and you can do this through the following ways:

Sign Up With an Affiliate Advertising Program.


This only applies if you want affiliate advertising links on your website. The premise of affiliate marketing is this: You only get money if the visitor clicks the unique affiliate marketing link on your website and makes a purchase of the product or service being offered. You can promote affiliate products or services on your website by signing up with various affiliate marketing programs.

Partner with Google AdSense.

Google adsense

Perhaps the easiest and most efficient way to get ads up an running on your website. As long as you have a Gmail account, you can sign up your website with Google Adsense. What Google AdSense does is placing targeted advertisements on your website automatically. That way, through the visitor’s past history search on his computer, the ads shown on your website will be something that the user will most likely click. Thus, this will increase your chances of earning money through each advertisement click.

The advertisements shown on your website are rectangular banners which are usually placed at the bottom of the website or on the side columns.These ads can change and also reflect the content of what your website is about.

Directly Contact Companies and Ask if They Want to Partner Up With Advertising for Them.

Company advertisement

This works best if your site is already gathering lots of traffic. Either companies and brands will directly contact you or you can now already directly contact them.

When it comes to contacting companies, pick those who are within the same niche as your website or something related to it. That way, the company will most likely approve your advertising proposal. Take this as an example:

If your website is about weddings, contact companies and brands within the wedding niche such as floral companies, ateliers, custom tailored wedding gown companies, ready to wear gown shops, invitation graphic designers, wedding venue companies, etc.

Before contacting these companies, make sure you have a portfolio of previous successful advertising campaigns on your website, data of the monthly traffic of your website, what your site is about, and other necessary details that they might want to know.

Signup for Blog Advertising Programs

Blog Advertisement

If your website is something of a blog-style platform, signing up for blog advertising programs will open up more opportunities aside from placing banner advertisements on your website. These potential sponsorships will let you have the opportunity to have paid guest articles on your website, write reviews, will let you send some of their products for free in exchange for promotions, and more.

No Website Yet? Build a website in minutes right now!

Yes, right now! You can create and build your website in minutes. After that, you can start adding your content and eventually monetizing it through ads. You do not have to worry about the technicalities of it. You will not need a website designer, website developer, or any other additional apps to have a full website.

How you may ask?

Simple. Through a website builder like hPage!

All you have to do to get started is to go to and click the ‘Sign up’ button.

Create an account for free and you will automatically get your own website creator dashboard after signing up.

You have two options to pick from: A free package (absolutely zero fees throughout but this comes with drawbacks) or a premium package (an affordable one which allows you the flexibility and acquire all the upgrades you need for a professional website). You have the option to upgrade your website anytime from a free package to a premium one in case you are undecided about it.

Add a website by choosing a domain (your website name) and pick a template that suits you. hPage has over 300 website templates to choose from.

After that, you may start adding and editing the web pages of your website using the hPage editor. You can also add files such as photos, videos, and documents in the file storage feature of hPage.

Putting your content on is free and easy to use. The page editor feature automatically converts plain text and other files into HTML so you don’t need to know how to code or program. It’s a good platform especially for beginners in tech.

That’s it! Once you grow your site, you can monetize your website for ads.

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