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March 25, 2019

by admin

With the severe economic crisis going on in the country along with the Brexit problems people are looking for more funds to develop their business in such a way that they could withstand any kind of economic changes. But developing your business might not be an easy task since it requires a lot of money for development. Even though there are various options available in the market to develop a particular business from bank loans to crowdfunding one of the most preferred options is funding the business through credit card.

Get 100% Guaranteed Money With Credit Cards

Other than bank loans, credit card is the only other option available in the market that can provide you 100% guaranteed money is getting an unsecured personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor from private lenders. Even though this is a good option, the interest rate is a bit higher in these private lender loans. These loans are more suitable for people who have very poor credit and it would be impossible for them to get a credit card.

But most of the people with good credits try to get a loan as their first option but according to a recent survey, it is said nearly 72% of the startup business people have failed to obtain the bank loans due to poor credits and other problems. So instead of loans, the best option available in the market is to get money by applying for a credit card. Applying for a business credit card would be a better option compared with the normal credit cards as they have several options along with advance payments.

Also in case of a credit card, the interest rates are much lower compared to the private loans. So comparatively, credit cards are the better option than the private is and bank loans. But after getting a credit card there are few things you have to watch out for so you do not overspend your money and become bankrupt.

Talk with the bank

Sometimes people will require an additional cash amount along with the maximum credit card value to meet their money requirement. In such cases, people can always ask for advance payment by increasing their credit card limit for that month alone. Even though most of the banks might reject the proposal, you can always try to convince them by providing a proper presentation giving a detailed structure of your business along with the profit you are expecting for the next few months.

If you manage to convince the bank authorities, you can always avail an advance credit cash to manage your expenses. But make sure to repay all the amount along with the interest on time so that you can have a perfect credit score. So before approaching for the money make sure to have a perfect presentation in your hand for immediate approval.

Keep the account separate

If you have more than two businesses or if you have a Credit card for both personal and business need try to keep each and every single account as a separate entity. Do not use your personal credit cards for the business transaction on the same goes to the business credit cards too. Because mixing RBS credit cards might affect your financial calculations creating more problems for you at the end of the month pay.

Also, if you have more than one business and you have applied for a credit card for both the business, try to keep the expenses separate and do not mingle them. Especially the businesses differ completely from each other.

One of the main reasons for the credit cards to be maintained separately is because it would be easier for you to find the taxes clearly without any intermingling. With these clear payments and separate financial accounts, it would be more useful for you to have an easy end of the year tax filing.

Maintain your business credit

Despite getting many loans and credit cards, it is important for you to repay the money at the proper time so that you have can have a good credit score. With a proper credit score, you can always get a future loan without any problems. Most of the banks nowadays provide loan only when the person has perfect ratings due to the economic crisis existing in society.

Also, maintaining a good credit score is essential for you to obtain money easily at the time of emergency. Make sure to have your credit cards as a monthly payment basis rather than the quarterly or half-yearly payments because it would be easier for you to pay a short amount other than paying a large amount. Paying every month would make you feel stress-free and be a bit more relaxed than the half-yearly payments.

These credit card loans are one of the best options followed in the market next to the loans without guarantor from private loan lenders. With both options, it would be easier for any person to get a guaranteed loan amount to fund their business and improve their business requirements. But pay all your loans on the proper time for maintaining good credit and leading a stress-free life. Getting money is an easy task but repaying them might be difficult so work hard and repay them perfectly along with your business development.

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