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October 12, 2019

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As the shopping styles in India are evolving continuously, so do the payment gateway industry and payment platforms, propelling the former significantly. The concept of Mobile Point of Sales has been in existence for long time now, but e-wallet or money transfer apps are the new concept in India which has been surpassing the usages of credit card. It has been replacing the traditional payment methods gradually indeed.

Money Transfer App, in simple term, is the virtual mobile based wallet or payment applications where you can load money and make payments or directly make online and offline payments from your bank accounts. The interesting part is that some of the money transfer apps even provide cash back offers to the users for each transaction made through the applications.

There are different types of e-wallet or money transfer applications available including closed, semi-closed or semi-open and this depends on the type of payments or usages you make via these apps. The money transfer apps are rapidly evolving, making money transfers and transactions faster and easier. Most of the ecommerce sites are now integrating such mobile money transfer apps into their respective platforms to make transaction simpler and faster for the buyers. So, let us find out some of the Best Payment App in India 2019 which provides you cash back for each transaction done.

Money Transfer App With Cash Back Offers-PayTM


PayTM is considered to be the largest and leading mobile commerce platform today in India, providing the users with digital wallet to store money and works as money transfer app to send money to bank account or make online payments instantly. In return the users may even get cash back for transactions done through this money transfer app.

Commenced back in 2010, PayTM platform actually functions as semi-closed model and also comes with online mobile market. It allows users to load digital money and make payments across all online merchant sites that are operationally tied up with the PayTM. Apart from ecommerce transitions, this money transfer app can also be used for bill payments and transferring money from one account to another or directly to bank account if KYC is fulfilled. In return get cash backs for each ecommerce transaction. However, the PayTM Cash Back Offer varies from merchant to merchant and type of transactions you have done.             

Money Transfer App With Cash Back Offers- Google Pay or GPay

google pay
Google Pay

Google Pay or G Pay, formerly called as Google Tez is another digital wallet or money transfer application that offers you the option to use your bank account as wallet and make payment and do fund transfer instantly. This money transfer application is basically works as UPI system for online transactions or money transfer to bank account directly.

With this money transfer application, users can receive and pay bills, recharge DTH or mobile numbers, send money to bank accounts of others and more directly from their linked bank account. It works efficiently with all banks that support UPI system. There are different offers available for every transaction and you are required to check the available offers to avail them.

From Best Cash Back Offers to scratch cards and more, you can get different deals and offers when you make payment or transfer funds using G Pay. For every online transaction or fund transfer via G Pay you get a scratch card which allows you to get cash back that is directly credited to your bank account after successful payment or fund transfers.  

Money Transfer App With Cash Back Offers- PhonePe

Phone pay

From UPI transactions to recharging of mobile and DTH, this money transfer app is widely used today for making online payments and transactions. It allows you to perform several online transactions with ease and even transfer money to bank account without surcharges. The interesting part is that users can even get cash backs for online transactions and payments done through this application. There are also PhonePe Coupons available which you may use during online payments to avail additional discounts on your online payments.                     

Registered users are allowed to receive and send money from one account to another and it allows money transfer up to 1 Lac per transaction. It is available 24/7 and fund transfer can be done anytime of the day without any hassles.

The account balance can also be checked directly from the application and you may save beneficiaries for easy and faster transfer of funds in future through this application. PhonePe even allows you to manage multiple accounts with single platform and you can make payments and transfer funds using any of the bank accounts linked to the application. The cash back you earn from the transactions are credited directly to the respective bank account instantly.

Money Transfer App With Cash Back Offers- Mobikwik


Now available for use at several offline and online platforms, Mobikwik is another powerful and Best Payment App in India 2019 for money transfer and online and offline payments. It is extremely secure and every single penny available in the e-wallet is accounted for always. This money transfer application is made available for Windows, iOS and Android devices and known for its smooth operations.

Apart from money transfers, this application is also widely used to buy mobile recharges online, EMI payments, paying utility bills, booking railway tickets and bus tickets. Besides, the application also offers the registered users to get Best Cash Back Offer and discount deals that further enable them to save more money on online transactions.     

These were some of the best Money Transfer App in India that are worth using because of its smooth transaction facilities, discount deals and cash back offers. Online transactions must be secure indeed and these are the reliable options not only for making online payments and paying utility bills, but also for transferring money from one bank account to another. All these money transfer applications follow strict encryption methods which let you to enjoy smooth transactions without security breaching. Besides, the strict security protocols, these money transfer apps also offers great discount deals and cash back offers that further make them popular amongst the masses today in India.

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