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October 9, 2019

by clareabner

Over the past few years, customers’ approach towards customer service has changed. They consider it a mandatory service with every product they buy and every service they avail. For instance, when they subscribe to a Frontier plan, they expect the customer service to enlighten them about everything. you can pay my spectrum bill, customer service has to inform them about everything. Also, customers expect 24/7 availability. 

Having an efficient customer care service is a must for every business. However, it’s more than one-on-one interactions or phone conversations. It has evolved around social networking platforms. Social media forums such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become preferred modes of interaction with brands. And that’s true for both, customers and brands. 

Here’s how to have an improved customer care service. 

Be Clear About Your Mission

Start by understanding the niche of your business. before you dive in, ask yourself these questions. What are you best at? Who is your target audience? What is the potential of your business idea? Get clarity about your goals and then break them into smaller goals. Work on your weekly, monthly, and annual goals. Track your progress closely. And when it brings results increase you’re the new activities in your customer care and measure the results again.

Encourage Customer Feedback 

If you want to improve your business, give due importance to the feedback from your customers. Figure out ways to collect solicit feedback from your customers. Asking for their numbers or email addresses to get the surveys done is a great idea. You need to identify whether your business or brand is meeting the customers’ expectations or not. Improve your products or services according to the feedback that you get.

Respond Quickly

Now that customer service is largely associated with social media, the customers expect quick responses. Consumers are preferring social media forums to get in touch with the customer care services of their favorite brands. And that’s because of the ease and convenience of connectivity. They are using Facebook and Instagram more to voice their online experience with your brand. Note that the expected response time of some of the popular brands on social media platforms is 24 – 48 hours.  

Cross-Sell Whenever You Can

This is a clever marketing hack. Instead of spending separately on the marketing campaigns of your other products and services, train your reps to cross-sell. It is the act of introducing new products or services when customers have expressed interest in some of your products. For instance, if a customer is purchasing a camera from you, enlighten them about the variety of lenses, which you have. This cross-sell activity, if done effectively, can boost your sales.

Provide Appropriate Knowledge

Being responsive is only beneficial if you are providing the right info. Be active and efficient about offering your customers with your brand-related knowledge. For instance, if you are a painter, you can use your social media pages to enlighten your customers about the different types of paintings. You can also tell them about the various techniques involved. This will engage them and will encourage them to ask for advice if they need any.

Build Referrals by Giving Incentives

Consumers love incentives. Therefore, the perfect way to get referrals is to have your consumers refer your brand in their social circles. You can make them do it if you offer them an incentive. You can see tons of brands using this hack on social media.

Train the Front-Line Staff

The front-line staff is the heart of your customer care service. You should take your time to train the employees because they represent your brand more than you do. If they are trained well and they do their jobs efficiently, your business can achieve new heights. They should be trained to be friendly, approachable, good at conflict resolution, and should be able to meet the customer’s expectations. If you manage to develop this winning attitude in your employees, the success is yours!

Take Responsibility Instead of the Credit

Being the team leader, your company and employees depend on you for support and guidance. In order to have a strong team that is willing to do extra when you need it, you will have to make an effort too. Appreciate your employees and give them credit when they achieve something. This will boost their confidence and positive attitude towards their job. But if something goes wrong, it’s best that you take the blame.

Go the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile in business is significant. It can change an ordinary or a stressful experience into a positive one. Your customers would expect you to do that. They consider it empathizing with them. Show them that you care about your clients. This will make your relationship with them stronger.

Know how to Deal with the Negative Feedback

Dealing with negative feedback in a positive way is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you want to be successful, take negative comments as opportunities to improve your customers’ experience. No one is delivering perfection in their business. And such comments help you improve your brand and your customer dealing leading to have loyal customers in the long run.

According to a survey, around 81 percent of businesses, which provide great customer care experiences do better than their business competitors do. Since I’m a Frontier internet user, every time I get in touch with Spectrum customer support (1-866-200-7644), they are willing to address even the tiniest of the problems that I encounter. This is how customer service reps should behave and deal with their customers.

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